Maria, a Love Story

“Maria, a Love Story” define the impact the birth of my daughter Zelie, now 15 months, has had on the life of my neighbour Maria, a 75 year old widow.

Adapting to the new social context of the last decades, the classic idea of “Family” as an institution is being modi- ed. The typical family made up of a mother and a father with various children and an extended, cross generatio- nal family, is being displaced. In today’s industrialized societies there is an increasing number of single-parent families with no extended family living close by, which is my case. Like many other young, single, parents, I depend on my friends and neighbours for support. An “open door” policy allows for new and different family frameworks to form which adapt directly to need and circumstance. With this body of work, I explore one such relationship. Taking into account also the traditional and religious connotation of the name of Maria – which is that of my neighbor – and my own questions and secrecy around the theme of motherhood. An intergenerational story is recreated from the use of archive photos and those of the present where different mother tongues are articulated in unison to redefine the notion of motherhood from our own experiences.

This love story was born from the need to understand and position myself in a confusing vital moment. This project is carried out by several hands, those of Zelie, Maria, my friends who have helped me in every sense of the word to overcome this streak.

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