Film screening

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Official Selections
2019. Festival International de Cinema Etnográfico do Museo do Pobo Galego, Spain
2018. “Piélagos en corto” International Short Movie Festival, Spain
2018. l’Alternativa, Festival Internacional de Cinema Independent de Barcelona, Hall Selecciona, Spain
2018. Festival Internacional de Cine Invisible “Film Sozialak”, Spain
2018. Astra Film Festival, Romania
2018. Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada
2018. Alcances Cádiz, Festival de Cine Documental, Spain
2018. Mostra Internacional Films de Dones, Spain
2018. Busan International Short Film Festival, Korea
2018. Cairo International Women’s Film Festival, Egypt
2017. Aguilar Film Festival, Spain
2017. Dok Leipzig. International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, Germany

Other screening programs
2019. Festival Hors Piste, Centre Pompidou, France 
2019. Festival “La saveur de l’ autre” Le Channel, Scène nationale, France
2019. Fundación BilbaoArte Fundazioa, Screening Program, Spain
2019. Premios José Maria Forqué, Production Awards Candidate, Spain
2019. Premis Gaudí, Short Film Award Candidate, Spain 
2018. Caravana de Cine Árabe e Iberoamericano de Mujeres en Oaxaca, México 
2018. Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival, France 

ShortCAT2018 I International Promotion catalogue for Catalan Cinema – December 2017 to December 2018
#PantallaBarcelona I Screening program at cinemas by Barcelona Film Comission – October & November 2018
Filmin I Spanish Online Cinema Platform I May 2019 – Every year
TV3 I Catalan Television I Spain – May 2019 to May 2022


Official Selections 
2022. Cefalù Film Festival, Italia
2022. XII Encuentro Hispanoamericano de Cine y Video Documental Independiente Contra el Silencio Todas las Voces, Mexico
2022. Festival du film social de Nice, France
2022. FICNOVA 2022, Held in different cities international 
2022. Europa Film Festival, Spain
2021. The Paus Premieres Festival, UK
2021. Demetera international film festival, France
2021. Cecehachero International Film Festival, Spain
2021. Beirut International Film Festival, Lebanon
2021. Festival de Málaga, Spain
2021. San Giò Verona Video Festival, Italia
2021. Festival Internacional Cine en la Isla FECISLA, Colombia
2021. Certamen Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, Germany
2021. Festival Internacional de Cinema de Cerdanya, Spain
2021. The 21st Seoul International Alt Cinema & Media Festival, South Korea
2021. Social and Economic Justice Film Festival, USA
2021. International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films, Bulgaria
2021. Puerto Madryn International Film Festival- MAFICI, Argentina
2021. Festival Internacional de Cine Invisible Film Sozialak, Spain
2021. El Ojo Cojo International Film Festival, Spain
2021. Primed, International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary film and reportage, France
2021. HER International Film Festival, Ireland
2021. Enserio International Film Festival, Spain
2021. Impact DOCS Awards, USA

Other screening programs
2022. CASA Film Arts Festival, Spain
2022. Jornadas SABERS MIGRANTS, Spain
2022. FestComarcasPhoto, We are Photo, Spain
2022. Muestra de Cine Social y Derechos Humanos, Spain 
2021. Festival Loturak Virtual Reality and Interactive Documentaries, Spain 
2021. Festa del cine de Roma, RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana  
2021. Colloquium (National Research Agency) Languages and Migration Policies, France
2020. Festival Necessari, Konvent art center, Spain
2020. Festival Fotolimo, Screening Program, Spain

#PantallaBarcelona I Screening program at cinemas by Barcelona Film Commission I October – November 2021
Filmin I Spanish Online Cinema Platform I December 2021 – Every year
Brefcimena I France – November 2021 – May 2022

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