Arte territorial

GRANS originates from an encounter I had with the neighbors of the town Avià, in Catalonia during the month of July 2020.
In a context of early disconfinement in one of the areas most affected by the pandemic in Spain, I was summoned by Konvent, Berga’s multidisciplinary art center to carry out work with the elderly in the town of Avià. Far from the images that we see about the consequences of Covid-19 in the elderly, the creation is focused on an ode to life, a tribute when the looks of recent months were oriented towards a less colorful path.
The result is a project that includes current photographs inserted into old ones, in a poetic inlay that transcends collage and moves away from the archive image.
With the post-production of the image, this transition between past and present is highlighted with colored lines that frame the person currently photographed, within the old image. The framework acquires a force that moves away from the drama that confinement has left in society. 
Thus, we rebuilt cornered memories and for a few days, the elderly and their past were the protagonists of the summer on the streets of Avià.
A total of 13 photographs linking the past with the present are exhibited on large canvases –10×7 meters, the largest one– along the streets of Avià until the end of October. We wanted to play with the word ‘grans’ [‘older’ and ‘great’ in Spanish] because they are older people and it is in large format, with a great visual impact.

The “creation workshop” was curated by Rosa Cerarols from Konvent, with the support and complicity of the Avià City Council. The post-production of the images has been in charge of Pepe Molina Cruz.