Transit Tales

A collaborative project arising from the need to question the dominant image of people seeking asylum in Europe, through different actions, encounters and participatory photography workshops in Barcelona, ​​Paris, Berlin and Brussels. Transit Tales wants to be, above all, a tool of expression, creation of community and understanding.

Tatoo, look, brand, singularity. Is there something unique, a special detail that illustrates who you are? #Againstforcedmarriage
Photo by: Malika/TTParis.

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The Logbook

The Logbook is an artistic tool created to offer an opportunity to every participant to testimony its own field of experiences et informations with the aim to make him/she a pictures and messages transmitter. The Logbook is like a photographic road book, a book of pictures and texts. It’s both a collective and individual tool. It’s starting in a book which has assign- ments participants will answer using photography, writing, drawing etc. The Logbook is a project developed by Studio public and O.S.T. collectives, especially adapted now for Transit Tales, a photographic and participative project leaded with refugees. This Logbook collective shows the path of the women refugees who has participated to the work- shops in the CHU Ivry-sur-Seine, Fr during April 2017. The result shown is like a bottle full of messages. A treasure given by brave persons who open us a door through their ideas, thoughts, feelings, desires … An opportunity to know a true story, told by her protagonist itself.