Projects are my artistic collaborations.  I’m interested in working with collectives of people that, through one circumstance or another, are living on the fringes of society.  My aim is to use photography practise to promote ways to listen, look, tell, and understand one another.  I’m especially interested in working with migrants and refugees and have been doing so since 2015. 

In November 2015, architect Julie Brun and myself launched the Jungleye project inside the migrant camp situated on the edge of the French city of Calais, popularly known as The Jungle.  At that time the people living in The Jungle were mostly young men, migrants and refugees, all trying to make their way to England through the Channel Tunnel.  We established a base in The Jungle and began to teach a group of the young men photography. Together we made pictures which we printed as postcards and made widely available in the city of Calais.  The images and their corresponding captions were sometimes bleak, sometimes uplifting, sometimes comical, and always emotional and moving. With these postcards we hoped to shorten the distance between the residents of Calais and those in The Jungle.  All the original participants in Jungleye moved on, to different destinations. Many are still involved in the project which is on-going.